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What is IRC?

IRC Clients
Pirch Help
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    "To start press anykey...
    Where's the anykey?"
    -Homer Simpson

    The Internet is a vast universe with diverse areas of interest. One of the areas is known as Internet Relay Chat (IRC). IRC chat is "real time" chat. With the proper IRC "client" (program) one can join a "server" and choose from hundreds of chat rooms. There are many IRC chat clients to choose from. Ircle (for macs), Mirc, and Pirch are the 3 most commonly used clients.

    The AnyKey section is dedicated to getting people up and chatting! While the IRC clients come with instructions on how to set-up and run them, the wording isn't that easy to understand. We've tried to decode some of the "computerese" for each program and set them up in an easy to understand format for fast and easy connection to IRC chat.

    AnyKey also includes interesting articles pertaining to the Internet, general computing and IRC chat. The "See Also" area on the left includes links to other areas that will help the "computering" experience.


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