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#ParentsRoom and #Parentskitchen are IRC channels found on the Starchat IRC Network. They were formed in the hope of providing parents, and anyone interested in parenting issues, a place to come together and visit with one another, exchange ideas, share problems and have FUN! #Parentskitchen is currently being used to hold "free" chat 24 hours a day; while #ParentsRoom provides a place for scheduled discussions that follow a particular topic. To join us in either of these channels, you will need a IRC client (a program that you use in order to "chat") such as Pirch, mIRC, or IRCle.

There are two simple rules in #parentskitchen & #parentsroom, no foul language of any sort and no bashing anyone. Please just use common courtesy when you are chatting. Remember, there are real people on the other ends of those keyboards. If you find it difficult to follow these simple rules, we reserve the right to ban anyone at our discretion without warning.

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